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A little history...

Pet Junction has been providing outstanding, safe, professional grooming services and pet supplies to the Fraser valley area for over 25 years. Your pet is groomed with the utmost care and patience, no sedatives are ever used.

Debbie Hildebrandt has been involved in grooming, breeding and showing award winning English cocker spaniels, Rottweilers and Irish setters for 35 years.

We offer a wide selection of natural shampoos to suit every pets` individual needs. Each full grooming includes – bath, full dry, cut & style, ear cleaning, nail trimming, brushing & combing. We are proud to offer large dog grooming and de-shedding treatments. Cats are welcome too !

Regular Professional grooming

Our professional groomers will beautify your pet while keeping an eye out for most common health problems.  We work closely with veterinarians and can advise you to see your vet for the following problems.

  • Bad or rotting teeth, leading to future heart, lung and health disorders.
  • Ears may be infected, have mites or wax build up.
  • anal glands may abscess and burst if not cleaned regular by your vet.
  • Nails. Unkempt nails can lead to infections and crippling.
  • Skin, your pet is checked for infection, warts, lumps, sores, cysts, hot spots, staph infections, and other skin problems.
  • Eyes, are checked for pink eye, cherry eye, and other infections.
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